Verse I:
I can Feel, I can feel the magic.
Aaaah, in your eyes.
Hear my heart, just hear it tick.
Aaaah, my heart cries.

Verse II:
I can feel, I can feel your touch.
Aaaah, when you walk right in.
I can feel, it's just too much.
Aaaah, the feeling within.

Ooh, ooh, only you.
Ooh, ooh can feel it's true.

When you walk, when you walk right in.
I can see, I can see the light.
Verse I:
Thinking of you by my side.
Knowing your love is my guide.
You give me strength, you give me pride.
It's all I need, It's all I need.

Verse II:
Whispers I hear of your voice.
Guides me to make the right choice.
You give me strength, you give me pride.
It's all I need, It's all I need.

Knowing you're there by my side.
I pray to you.
But do you hear, do you hear?
When I pray to you, do you hear?

Aall I need is you, by my side.
Aall I need is you, to guide me through.
Aall I need is you, by my side.
Aall I need is you, to guide me through.
Verse I:
First time we kissed.
It gave me somthing.
What kind of feeling is this.
That no one can bring.

Never before.
Met someone like you.
Eyes I can't ignore.
Like a dream come through.

Is it a sin.
I play to win.
Is it a sin.
I play to win.
Verse II:
When you hold my hand.
Feels like an earthquake.
I don't understand.
Every move you make.

Sitting in front of me.
You lit up my soul.
You gave me energy
Now I'm on a roll.

You have the magic touch.
When you look at me.
It gives me so much.
And makes me feel so free.
Verse I:
Does your light shine.
For you my heart will sing.
So little time.
What will tomorrow bring.

If your in tears.
And need someone to care.
Darling my dear.
I'll be there.

I call your name.
But do you hear.
Am I to blame.
To be so near.
Verse II:
Having to lose you.
Can't stand the pain.
Now that you've come through.
How can I explain?.

Am I just dreaming.
Or losing my mind.
My heart is screaming?
Just give me the sign.

Day by day.
Wondering where you are.
So far away.
Like a wondering star.
Verse I:
Non c'é parole per esprimere.
Questa affezione nel mio cuore.
Non posso più aspettare.
Volevo dirti ti voglio bene.

Verse II:
Non ho mai preso il tempo.
Per dire ero contento.
Devi scusare ero cieco.
Ma sei state sulla mia mente.
Perché non guarda nel mio occhi.
E lei vedrà le mie lacrime.
Mi dispiace se devi andare.
Sto pensando sempre di te

Ho imparato a cantare.
E questa canzone é scritta per te.
Anche distante da te.
Questa canzone, io canto per te.

Verse I:
Sei la donna della mia vita.
Stai sempre sulla mia mente.
Questo amore é solo per te.
Il mio cuore é aperto per te.

Verse II:
Sono felice con questa vita.
Per starre con te.
Gli dico la verità.
Dal fondo del mio cuore.
Un giorno dopo laltro.
Notte dopo notte.
Sedendo da solo.
Pensando solo a lei, solo a lei.

Il mio amore é solo per te.
Solo per te, solo per te.
La mia vita é sempre per te.
Sempre per te, sempre per te.
Verse I:
While working hard all day.
All we do is dream.
Seems we always find a way.
Climbing, climbing right upstream.

We just march away.
When we can't find a way.
Verse II:
We never have enough.
Always reaching out for more.
Thinking, life is just too rough.
Trying always to explore.

What we think, we hear.
What we hear, we feel.
What we feel, we fear.
We believe it's real.
Verse I:
Lying by the shore.
Wondering where you are.
Just wanting you much more.
Being so far.
To touch you again.

When I close my eyes.
All I feel is you.
Like magic from the skies.
A dream coming true.
To make love to you.

All that I need.
Is no one but you.
Your all that I see.
Your all that I want.
Verse II:
Just take my hand.
Take me in your arms.
I know you'll understand.
There is no harm.
Wanting to love you.

Give me one night.
To take this fantasy.
And I will make it right
Driving you crazy.

Your my angel.
In my dreams.
From the skies.
Verse I:
When we first met.
I thought you were the one.
Should I regret.
Now that it's all donw.

Thought I was so cool.
Oh, to go right on.
But I, was just a fool.
Oh, to stay so long.

Oh, can't you see.
That it's to late.
Just, jealousy.
Verse II:
How can you expect.
Would it be so wrong.
When you have no respect.
Not to be so strong.

Life is just to short.
I just can't go on.
For me to be a sport
That I wait so long.

Look at me.
And set me free.
Won't you set me free.
Verse I:
Senza te vicino.
Sembra che non c'é sole.
Sembra che sei lontana di me.

Sei dentro di me.
Dentro il mio cuore.
Questo amore mai passerà.

Vieni vicino a me.
E lei vedrà la verita.
Verse II:
Ogni volta incontriamo.
Penso a lei anche più.
Questa amore profondo per te.

Quanda mi sveglio la mattina.
La mia vita sembra vuoti.
Mi sembra solo come un sogno

Ogni giorno.
Manca di te.
Resta con me.
O va via.