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When You Walk
Roberto La Posta

Your Music Xraytm code was generated based on the analysis results of your song. Please use the key below to interpret the results.

Hit Grade
Your song has been analyzed by its individual characteristics - melody, harmony, beat, tempo, rhythm, octave, pitch, chord progression, sonic brilliance, etc. using a process called spectral deconvolution. The results of this analysis have been compared the same results of the songs in the current US Hit database. In general, songs that achieve a 700 or greater are considered to be a Hit Grade and have hit potential.

Please keep in mind that this technology does not evaluate whether your song sounds like a hit or not. Only our professional reports evaluate that, as do the professional A&R executives in music labels. In order to chart, a song must sound like a hit AND be promoted effectively. It must also have optimal mathematical patterns OR an over-riding social factor that can propel the song to success in spite of not having optimal mathematical patterns i.e. be released by a major artists at the top of their career; be in a national ad campaign, a hit movie or other vehicle that can compensate for the lack of optimal mathematical patterns.

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Hit Grade


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